Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Meet Me in St Louis

... or San Jose, Costa Rica actually. I fly there tomorrow for a Board meeting of the World Confederation of Productivity Science. Before you say something like ... "Couldn't you do it somewhere less exotic - or be videoconferencing" ... the answers could have been 'Yes' and 'Yes' but we are trying to meet a number of influential members of the Costa Rica political and economic community with a view to discussing some ideas about social productivity and wealth-creation.

That kind of discussion cannot be held by videoconference. Subsequent, follow-up discussions could perhaps .. but the first time you meet someone who you hope might form some sort of relationship or alliance with you, you need to see and 'feel' them ... to establish confidence and trust.

Or is that just old fogeys like me brought up on face-to-face contact. Would the Net2 generation need such contact?

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