Thursday, 7 February 2008

And Costa Rica was ...

So, Costa Rica is beautiful .. and rich and diverse in terms of flaura and fauna. But you knew all that. Did you also know that the boom in property is causing a garbage disposal crisis .. how to collect it, where to put it, how to move it??

Regional and national government is trying desperately to balance the need for economic expansion with the need to protect the environment and to ensure adequate infrastructure.... sometimes they get it wrong!

Reminds me of many companies who crash ahead in one direction without thinking of the unintended consequences.

Big issues and big decisions need thinking through!!

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Rob Sage said...

HI John,

Great post! Ive learned quite a few things about Costa Rica lately (im going there at the end of the year) In particular that CR has no army? Cant wait to get there it sounds great according to James at Costa Rica HQ

Keep the post coming!