Saturday, 24 October 2009

The world is changing

Sometimes you hear about things which make it sound as though the world is changing. These are often 'big' announcements and pronouncements (often from politicians and 'futurologists'). However sometimes you are aware of the same issues via small, actual changes.

I had one such experience yesterday. In Lichfield, for the Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Management Services, I had lunch in the George hotel and on their 'specials' board announcing additional menu items for lunch, each of the items had a code number (such as FM46) next to it. When I asked the purpose of the codes, I was told it was the 'food miles' figure - representing how far the source of the item was from the hotel.

When this information turns up unannounced in a small hotel in a small English market town, you know the world is changing!

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