Wednesday, 14 October 2009


The first graduates of our M.Sc in Productivity & Innovation come off the production line today - in a small, but hopefully warm, ceremony. They all deserve to be proud of their achievement and we also take some pride in our ability to work with them and deliver what we think is an innovative and enriching course.

New students arrive next week and some of them already have MBAs. They see productivity as being real, directed and focused - and are keen to acquire knowledge and skills of genuine applicability - rendering them more able to 'make a difference'.

Remember productivity increases of just 3% per annum mean that each generation is twice as well off as its parents.

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mugevisa said...

im a management services student at uj, im confussed of what kind of jobs i will do when i finish thi course and how much can i esstimate for my first income, what skills i must acquire to b the top in this work. please help its argently. THANKS