Saturday, 29 November 2008

We all measure productivity - but not always the same way

An interesting 'productivity measure' caught my eye recently ....

Johannesburg has eased out Cape Town as the most productive municipality, according to Municipal IQ, a specialised South African local government data and intelligence service.

Johannesburg is ranked as the most productive place to work, live and invest in South Africa. It is followed by Tshwane, Cape Town and eThekwini, as reported by Local Government Research Centre director Clive Keegan.

Municipal IQ - headed by Kevin Allan, a former adviser to the provincial and local government minister, and economist Karen Heese - has ranked all 283 South African municipalities according to a productivity index.

It calculates productivity by measuring the extent of poverty in a municipality and its response through the provision of free basic services; access to a minimum level of municipal services, specifically water, sanitation, refuse removal and electricity; economic activity and infrastructure; municipal financial governance; and occupancy rates in the municipal administration.

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