Saturday, 13 March 2021

Learning from Lockdown

Before lockdown many firms were experimenting with networking/collaborative tools, hoping to improve the inter-connectedness of departments, people and processes.

When the lockdown hit, many of them accelerated the move to the various tools `and technologies simply to keep the organisation functioning from lots of home locations.

Now lockdown is at an end (or nearing its end), those firms have an opportunity to review the use of the tools that have supported remote working - identifying what worked … and what didn’t. 

Understandably, there will be a tendency to stick with the tools that have become familiar… but we productivity professionals know that there is a danger in accepting the existing satisfactory situation at the expense of missing the chance to move to a better one.

So, the review is important.  First, though, it is important to review what we want these tools to do, to achieve.  Then review how well each tool meets those needs.

Let’s make sure the lockdown has some positive results and leads us into an improved and more productive future. 

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