Saturday, 28 March 2020

Reflecting on Coronavirus

Whenever something bad affects your life (like Coronavirus), it is worth taking time occasionally to reflect on the situation an to look for any positives you can find.

Of course, I am reflecting (in this blog post) on the productivity implications of the virus - all of which are negative.

The entire global economy is in disarray. Productivity is not on the agenda for any business or any government.They have too many other worries.

So, where do we find positives.  Well, we could use this situation as a kind of rehearsal for the world we will have to move to as fossil fuels run out.

We are currently seeing little international travel, less national travel, more home working, less electrically-based entertainment - and so on. 

We are also seeing a rebirth of ‘community.  

We are seeing social media used as a force for good.

Are we coping?  Well, yes we are.  Off course we have no choice - but we might learn the kinds of things we have to do to make life tolerable and even enjoyable in a fossil-fuel-free world.

Wise governments - as part of their quantitative easing and general support measures - will invest in infrastructure and will record what is happening to society as various restrictions are put in place.

When this is all over (my guess is in about 9 months time ), they will have ’evidence’ on which to build a better world -a productive world still, but productive in other ways.

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