Saturday, 23 July 2016


As I write this, Donald Trump has just accepted the nomination as Republican candidate for the US presidency.
Now Trump is certainly a controversial figure and I am not going to give my  view on his suitability to be president - if for no other reason that, here from the U K, making any judgement is difficult
I am though interested in whether he will have any effect on US productivity - positive or negative.
He seems to appeal to a disaffected and disillusioned working class.
If they feel they are are at last being listened to, will they respond with greater engagement, greater enthusiasm for their work roles - ands greater productivity. Or will they soon find they have been sold a false promise and be 'turned off''.
Of course all of this assumes he is elected - and that is far from certain.
i will be watching with interest - as will most of the world!

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