Saturday, 9 April 2011

Its all about energy

Energy productivity is important. Energy costs us money ... and the prices of energy have been rising rapidly in the last few years.

However, we also know that using energy has all sorts of 'side effects' - in terms of creating pollution, in terms of warming the planet ... and, of course, in terms of using up the remaining stocks of fossil fuels.

The Japanese nuclear disaster means it is now much harder to contemplate nuclear power as a contribution to future energy strategy ... so while we look at alternatives, we have to use less of what we have.

Can the planet afford you to use a 2 litre car to take your daughter to school? Can it afford you to fly strawberries halfway around the world just so you can have them out of the local season? Can it afford you (me?) to have your PC on all day just so you can check your emails every few hours?

All of these problems can be addressed by technology .. but shouldn't they be addressed by us thinking a bit more carefully about our priorities .. and about our energy productivity?

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