Saturday, 26 March 2011

Unintended consequences

Those of us with experience realise that most decisions have both intended and unintended consequences. .. more so, if decisions are made in haste or on incomplete or imperfect information.

Here is an example. The British government has recently introduced measures to curb the influx of immigrants into the UK.

This has been largely welcomed ... but not by many employers.

Curiously, in a situation mirrored in lots of other countries, unemployment is rising but employers cannot fill vacancies.

(There can be many reasons for this, of course ... workers in the wrong places, with the wrong skills, unwilling to work, etc.)

Of course this wasn't meant to happen. It is an unintended consequence of a fairly hasty political decision.

Let's hope those members of society who welcomed the curb on immigration, don't see the effects on the economy hurting their own pockets.

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