Saturday, 7 August 2010

Life in the old dog

I saw a flyer for a 'Mobile Voice Conference' the other day (its in January 2011 in California) and thought ... 'How quaint ... still holding conferences on something that's been done and dusted for years'.  After all, can you think of many innovations in the mobile voice arena over the last few years  ... since conference calling became commonplace.
Then I thought a little deeper (yes, superficial thinking is one of my vices) ... if you're in the mobile voice business, you have lots of revenue and it makes sense to explore every avenue that might retain or even increase that revenue.
And we know - don't we - there are ideas' out there' that can still have significant impact on this relatively static area of technology. If I knew what they were, I'd make my fortune.  But I would be prepared to bet that someone will come up with an idea that will amaze us all in both its simplicity and its impact.
Think, John, think!

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