Friday, 9 April 2010

Predictable Supply - Innovative software

Only very occasionally do I refer to specific products or systems ... when I see something which I think is innovative. Here is one such product.

TraceLink’s Predictable Supply Suite establishes a supply chain management and outsourced contract manufacturing solution for integrating companies, their partners and the resultant virtual teams across inter-company business processes. This supply management solution enables virtual teams to create a secure business cloud that can execute any business process with any partner at any time and using any information.

This approach eliminates the need for costly portals and fragile b2b links when connecting to virtual supply network partners. Individuals and companies can decide the appropriate level of cross-company connection. For companies looking to tightly collaborate with an entire, hard-to-reach network ecosystem, the Predictable Supply Suite offers a unique "integrate-once, inter-operate with everyone" approach to connection.

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Daniel Twigg said...

Hi John Following your post on Predictable Supply as an innovative software review, I wanted to make you aware of a new time savings’ technology tool being introduced next month by Global Graphics. The software tool is targeted at people who are often remote, SMB or SOHO workers and are time-starved and overworked—the majority of readers.
The software, called gDoc Fusion 2.5 provides web and knowledge workers who want to quickly and easily improve their productivity authoring documents with the following benefits:
* Merge and view in one viewing frame over 200 multiple file formats (including Excel, Word and Powerpoint) with one simple and quick, drag and drop function
* Repurpose documents for sharing, posting on the web or printing all in one program
* Edit, comment and review documents quickly and easily
* Save finished documents in multiple formats

To demonstrate further that the time is right for this type of tool: Knowledge workers spend roughly 33% of their time authoring documents - writing, creating illustrations and putting together presentations. A time cost to their organization of $19,953 per worker per year assuming the average knowledge worker makes $60,000 a year, according to IDC 53 percent of 1000 US workers questioned blamed 100 minutes a week of lost productivity on navigating and trying to use difficult software programs If you’d like we can send you a free preview copy for review.