Thursday, 4 June 2009

Where it is warm

I'm off to the Caribbean for a week ... first a conference, then meetings with the Barbados Productivity Centre. Friends think this is a 'perk of the job' but when I explain about the long-haul flights and the 4 different hotels in 1 week, they start to reconsider.

So, will it be fun. Of course. I am one of those very lucky people who are involved with work which is also their passion. I feel strongly in the mission of the World Confederation of Productivity Science: that increased productivity brings about enhanced wealth ... and that we can share that wealth .... and eventually - when we all share the same supply chains and are inter-dependent for all our well-being - we can sow the seeds of world peace. A lofty ambition - some might say naive and unrealistic. But I'm prepared to put in the effort to make my contribution. Are you?

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