Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Guilty ... or not guilty?

Today is 'Earth Day' ... a day when we are all supposed to think about, and possibly act on, the effect we are having (individually and collectively) on the planet.

I am at a Board meeting of the World Confederation of Productivity Science in Montreal and we will be discussing, amongst other things, issues relating to environmental productivity ... ways in which we can be more productive whilst minimising - even reversing - the negative environmental effects of business.

Yet, I flew here from the UK ... increasing my personal carbon footprint. I offset - but I don't really accept that that 'does the job'. Like many others - indeed most of us - I'm in this trap of wanting to do 'my bit' but realising that the world is complex and trade-offs have to be made.

Many businesses are the same ... especially now when saving the planet seems to come a long way back after saving the business.

Nobody said this was going to be easy. We all have to stumble through it as best we can ... but always mindful of the harm we do alongside the good.

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