Thursday, 11 December 2008

Here ... and there

No sooner do I announce the fact that I am in Toronto ... than it is time to signal my departure back to the UK. We have, though, had a very useful - and productive - meeting of the Board of WCPS (World Confederation of Productivity Science) ... setting out our future strategies.

This was facilitated by a colleague and fellow Board member - Tom Tuttle - using a methodology used by him when dealing (in his real life) with clients. This methodology had elements I recognised and elements I did not- and proved to be highly effective.... in fact so effective I might 'steal' it for future use.

And so we progress .... learning (if we are sensible) from others .. and adopting (and often adapting) tools and techniques we see that could work for us. I would use the methodology in a different way to Tom - not because I would do it 'better' ... just differently ... because Tom and I are different people with different approaches, strengths and weaknesses. Recognising ourselves is the first step on the path to success,

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