Sunday, 3 August 2008

Its not the technology!

Robert Atkinson, the President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, believes Europe can boost its productivity through more widespread use of ICT. To achieve this, ICT will have to be put "at the centre of its economic policies for trade, technology, competition, the labour market and regulation," he says.

Atkinson outlines the areas where Europe is actually ahead of the United States in the application of ICT, including the broadband, banking, smart card and healthcare sectors. Yet he laments the fact that Europe has still not reaped the "same level of benefits" from ICT as the US has.

He gives two reasons for this: European companies generally invest less in ICT than their US counterparts and perhaps most tellingly …"they appear to make less 're-engineering' changes".

So, as you and I already knew … ICT is not the answer … but using ICT as a ‘trojan horse’ to re-engineer business processes might be!

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